Carriage House

Carriage House


ur Cotswold Manor Carriage House is available as a detached, three car garage to compliment the Coltswold Manor house for those who prefer to utilize the space in the main house for additional guest, office, and recreation space.  The three car garage as shown in the main building can be easily converted for other uses and the detached garage compliments the styling of the main house.  By using a detached structure for a garage, a residential setting may take on the look of a true English manor house and related out-buildings.


Another use for the detached structure may be for a guest house with office above.  A fireplace and double windows in place of garage doors would be the final touch to convert the garage to a luxurious guest house.




Plan Details

Ground Floor:  1,960 Sq. Ft.

Second Floor:  826 Sq. Ft.


Overall Dimensions:  31'x60'

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