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A Small Cotswold Cottage in England

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Opinions about what makes the best size and style of home are as varied as the choices available.  To be sure, attitudes are cyclical and reflect current trends and the economy.  What is considered large for one may be small for the other.  One thing is certain, the trend in popularity for European and American cottage style houses is greater than ever.


All our house styles, be they French Country homes, English Cottage homes, Italian or American, have a variety of sizes from "Cottage", "Manor" and "Estate".  The popularity of the "cottage style" has prompted us to create a section of our collection that focuses on what might be considered a strictly cottage size and style.


This special category will focus on small cottage style houses from 850 to 1,799 square feet.  Another feature of this special collection will feature options that have suggestions that will allow you to "grow" your basic plan in increments to the size that just suits your needs, now or as your needs grow.  Here, we anticipate your potential needs and show you what you can do to get just what you want.


We hope you will enjoy these plans and find one that is just right for your new cottage!



Casa di Campagne (Italian Casa Classics)

Vine Cottage (English Cottage Classics)

Vine Cottage (1 bedroom)

One could almost think he had stumbled upon a real Cotswold cottage when approaching our Vine Cottage!  Casement windows set in buttery-tan stone, gabled dormers that fill the inside with sunlight, rough slate stone pavers lead to the front door and a typical terra cotta chimney pot tops the tall chimney.


Upon entering, your eye is drawn upwards to the high beamed ceiling and the sun streaming in the dormered clerestory.  A large fireplace draws the eye to one end of the great room while an efficient, open kitchen and dining area opens up for easy entertaining and gracious living.


The generous master suite and bath offer privacy and comfort overlooking the terrace and back of the property.  Large casement windows in the bedroom and over the tub allow for abundant natural light and afford great views.


A utility room off the kitchen serves as a mud room/pantry with its entrance  protected from the weather with a handy portico.  A garage could easily link to this area making access for bring in the groceries easy and convenient,

If you need an extra room for a guest or family member, our two bedroom model at 1,323 square feet easily expands the one bedroom model with a great guest suite.  If you prefer, this model would give you that home office you want.  It could double as a guest room!

Come home to a Cotswold home! (Vine Cottage)



See what style and comfort are available in these specially designed, smaller cottages that feel and look surprisingly large!

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